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About Us

About Us
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About Us

Le Ronce Villa is located on a small hill, in a small village in Sweet Escott overlooking the horizon of Anse Royale Bay.

The idea to build Le Ronce Villa was becasuse we admired the beautiful view of the horizon and the bay after the sun starts to rise in the dust of the day, we could not keep this to ourselves. The way the darkness creeps away as the sun rises and the trees turn green and the ocean turns blue on the horizon, it is something we just had to share with the world.

The name Ronce comes from part of our history, when slaves were brought to Seychelles, the plant Ronce was introduced and planted around the plantations to keep the slaves from escaping. That was possible with the small and painful thorns on the vine. Nowadays it is just a very invasive plant especially in Anse Royale.

Luxurious Two Bedroom Apartments located at Anse Royale; Le Ronce Villa is a family run self catering establishment with a view overlooking the Anse Royale Bay. The apartments are ideal for families, couples or groups visiting the Seychelles.

Le Ronce Villa has 4 self catering Two Bedroom Apartments; all fully furnished featuring a spacious bedroom, private bathroom, living room, dining area and a fully equipped kitchen to prepare your own food of choice, guests also has the luxury of enjoying the view from their balcony especially the breathtaking sunrise view.